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Author junkfoodguy. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket When I was younger I had wanted to be a Girl. Ice Cream Reviews: Breyers Blasts Girl - On Second Scoop.

Samoa Ice Cream - Delish. Samoas vs. Caramel DeLites are made by ABC, Samoas by Little Brownie. Pin on Cookie Confections - Pinterest.

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Samoas. Surely, Girl Scout Cookie season will be back before you know it, but. Thin Mint and Samoas flavors are both featured in their line of. Especially this Samoa Ice Cream. Breyers Frozen Dairy Dessert Girl Scout Cookies Samoas (48. Skip to the main content. Three names, two companies, lots of confusion and shared history.

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Back to 1908, in Philadelphia. It was there that Henry Breyer founded Breyers (no apostrophe) as a company, to sell his. The ice cream base is a mild caramel that is studded with chunks of Samoa cookie. You should probably stop experimenting and leave what was good--alone. On Second Scoop: Ice Cream Reviews: Breyers Blasts Girl Scout. Clearly my junk food diligence has been lagging.

The cookie dough in this ice cream is awful. Tastes spoiled or made with bad ingredients. It is airy and not creamy at all. It taste like your eating fluffed ice. I really do not enjoy eating it. Edys Ice Cream at Walgreens. Samoa cookies (or Carmel Delights - depends on who you by from) are hands down, the best Girl Scout cookies ever.